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Building a dream backyard

A swimming pool is the focal point of any backyard landscape project. A pool serves as a hub for recreation and relaxation for the entire family.


The swimming pool construction project should not be a source of stress and our experience helps to alleviate concerns. Each new build begins with a 'site visit'. A visit to your backyard is an opportunity for us to take measurements, formulate and share ideas and identify potential issues.


The site visit also allows us to create a detailed and scaled 'blueprint' of your backyard. The blueprint helps answer questions such as; what size of pool will fit? where will the pool be located? where will the equipment be located? how will our current or future lanscaping integrate with the pool? does this project conform to city by-laws?


During the 'blueprinting' process we'll also offer suggestions and help educate you on the options available for your pool. Based on our own experience we can provide you with suggestions on what surface (concrete, vinyl or fibreglass) will meet your needs, how to reduce energy consumption, whether a chlorine generating 'salt' pool is a worthwhile addition, or why you may want to consider backyard 'automation'.


The blueprint


Once the blueprint has been finalized and it allows us to begin construction. We manage the construction process from start to finish. Although we don't specifically offer landscaping, electrical or gas installation we have partnered with some of Niagara's premier contractors that do just that. We seamlessly coordinate our construction process with other trades to ensure quality.



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