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New Wave Pools offers a complete range of services for both swimming pools and hot tubs. We also cater to both commercial and residential clients. Whether you are in need of tile repair to an existing concrete pool, a professional pool closing, or even if you have a hot tub that won't get hot...we can help.


New Wave Pools caters to a large number of commercial properties across the Niagara Peninsula. We provide a wide range of services to private enterprises, property management companies as well as local municipalities. Contact us to find out more about our commercial services!


You may not find a hot tub or  spa in our retail store but that doesn't mean we aren't experts in hot tub and spa repair to all makes and models.

We even repair hot tubs for other hot tub retailers!

Have a leak? No heat? Tripping breaker? Loud pump?

Let us take care of it for you!


New Wave Pools has been servicing residential pools since it's inception. We offer a wide range of services for residential clients ranging from pool inspections to complete renovations! Contact us to find our more about our residential services!


Liners, fiberglass, tile, paint, and plaster. Regardless of the pool surface, over time, they all degrade as a result of sun and  chemical exposure.

New Wave Pools offers repair and complete renovation services to almost all pool surfaces.


Would you prefer to enjoy your pool without the hassle of maintaining it? Is it comforting knowing that an experienced professional is cleaning your pool while also monitoring the water quality, equipment, and water level?

We offer maintenance plans for both commercial and residential clients.

Safety covers. Automatic Covers. Beaded vinyl and fabrene covers. Hot Tub Covers.

Although all covers require a good fit, the above covers require a custom fit.

We can measure and install your cover so it fits as it should.


We offer a number of pool opening options which range from starting your equipment to emptying your pool and acid washing the concrete surface.

A pool closing is the most vital service a pool company can provide. An improper pool closing can lead to broken equipment, unmanageable water, or underground leaks.


Pools and hot tubs can leak for a number of reasons - equipment leak, hole in liner, crack in structure, or an underground break.

Repairs can range from a simple patch to a part replacement to manually excavating for an underground repair.

If water loss is an issue let us help!



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